About Anthony DeHart

Anthony DeHart is a Cutting Tool Industry professional with 35 years of knowledge and executive-level leadership experience at all levels of the industry. Anthony has served as CEO of two Cutting Tools Companies and brings his strong abilities and attention to P&L straight to your business.

What sets Anthony apart is his well-earned understanding of the nuances of mature markets, requiring special consideration for organic growth or acquired market share. He has expertise in developing brand recognition and conducting analytical market research, which directly impacts the bottom line.

Expert at the development of brand recognition and Marketing and Advertising Campaigns, he has also developed materials and strategies for major trade shows with supporting collateral material and customer surveys to drive lead generation. Anthony understands that today’s virtual marketplace requires a different tack and has the knowledge to help you win.
A disciplined road warrior with heavy travel in North America, Europe, and Asia he is also well-versed in the development of Strategic Goals for Global Sourcing and Vendor Relationships of New Products and Growth of existing Product Lines.
Anthony has Research and Development experience focused on raw materials – HSS and Alloy steels, Carbides, Poly Crystalline Diamond and Advanced Surface Coatings – and is skilled at globally sourcing raw material and semi-finished products for customization locally to meet customer requirements and demand.

He also has experience interfacing with machine tool manufacturers and has developed knowledge of complete machining operations. He also possesses a thorough knowledge of spindle interfaces, coolant delivery, work-holding, and machine configurations, enabling a holistic approach to define a complete process or machining operation.

Anthony understands the intricate way that a cutting tool is influenced by the totality of the system, including the perishable tool, the tool holder, the connection interface to the spindle, the spindle, the rigidity of the workpiece and the operating parameters of the tool. Having this technical knowledge and the ability to communicate with both shop floor staff as well as upper management has afforded hi the ability to significantly increase sales from key accounts.

Anthony is a competent technical sales engineer providing key account management, dealer and distributor support and OEM relationships with machine tool builders. He can also provide project leadership for special applications requiring custom tooling and or technical support to end users on operating parameters of special machining projects.

In particular, he has the ability to visualize the entire manufacturing process from raw material to finished product and to communicate effectively with engineering, end users of the product, and suppliers of the materials. Skilled at analyzing large amounts of empirical and practical data to support business decisions, he still remains connected to the customer base at the ground level.

Anthony had done hands-on development for the design and manufacture of application-specific cutting tools, including mechanically clamped carbide insert tooling, solid body brazed carbide, and PCD tooling systems.

His experience includes: determining proper tool geometry and operating parameters of application-specific cutting tools used in wood, composites, plastics, aluminum, nonferrous metals, and the selection of carbide grade and coatings or diamond for optimal application performance according to workpiece specifications and machining conditions.

Reach out to Anthony of DeHart Solutions and begin cutting a path to a stronger future.