Our expertise lies in a unique understanding of nuances within the cutting tool industry – driving sales initiatives that contribute to brand growth and profitable sales revenue. A background in manufacturing and cutting tool design, as well as P&L responsibility for a manufacturing facility further contributes to our ability to provide advice and execution strategies.

Skilled at transforming customer manufacturing needs into precise technical and business requirements that result in improved utilization of resources and greater ROI for customer by applying the latest machine tool technologies.  Analyze empirical and practical data to support business decisions.  Visualize and convey changes to decision makers.

35 years of practical manufacturing knowledge and experience in all phases of the machine tool business. Disciplined Road Warrior throughout the U.S. well as North America, Europe, and Asia to provide project leadership for special applications as well as investigate organic growth or acquired market share.

Designed and developed sales campaigns, produced major trade shows, crafted supporting collateral, compose customer serveys, conduct market research, and refine sales cycles to penetrate both emerging and mature markets.

Skilled at global sourcing.  Work closely with machine tool OEMs and distributors, and to gain working knowledge of unique requirements to adapt ptoduct lines or develop new configurations to meet needs of current market conditions.

Comprehensive understanding of manufacturing systems, machine tools; intimate with interface from spindle to work piece and operating parameters. Communicate nuances with shop floor staff, manufacturing engineers, and upper management and solution providers to bridge technical gaps.

Strong knowledge of materials used in cutting tools from super alloy steels, carbides, poly crystalline diamond thru advanced surface coatings. Extensive work in selection of substrate and coating for optimal application and utilization of cutting tools insuring maximum value to users.